Stena Spey

Stena Spey is a Friede & Goldman L907 (enhanced Pacesetter) twin pontoon, column stabilised self-propelled, semi-submersible offshore drilling unit. Stena Spey has a S-BOP capability for a water depth of 5,000ft using 18 3⁄4” – 15,000psi Hydril BOP and Vetco MR-6C Riser.

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Vessel Specifications

General Information
Rig Type Semi Submersible
Design Enhanced Pacesetter
Construction Yard Daewoo, Korea Friede & Goldman L-907
Year Built 1983
Classification DNV Class +1A1 Column Stabilised Drilling Unit
Flag UK - MCA
Station Keeping Anchored:  12T Bruce MK4, HHP anchors
Max Water Depth 457m
Max Drilling Depth 7620m
Helideck Designed for Eurocopter EC225
Drilling Equipment
Mast/Derrick NorMar – 700 Short tons
Hoist/Drawworks National/1625 DE
Motion Compensator Brown Brothers, Stroke 20ft 600,000 lbs
Top Drive Maritime Hydraulics 650 tons
Pipe Handling Maritime Hydraulics Bridge Racking Crane
Offline Stand Build N/A
Mud Pumps 3 x National 12-P-160
Shale Shakers 4 x Brandt – VSM 300
Liquid Mud 2148bbls
Drill Water 10, 472bbls
Potable Water 2113 bbls
Fuel Oil 10,330 bbls
Bulk  Mud (Barite) 7440 cu ft barite
Bulk Cement 8782 Cubic Meters
Brine 2924 bbls
Sack Material 2000 Sacks
Dimensions / Loading
Length 80m
Breadth 20m inc Sponson
Moonpool 25.2 m x 6m
Operating Draft 19m
Transit Draft 7.6m
VDL (Operating) 4150 lt
Well Control Equipment
BOP Hydril 18 ¾ ” 15,000 psi WP H2S
LMRP 1 x Hydril  Annular 5K 18 ¾ “
Wellhead Connector 1 x 18 ¾ GE Vetco 15K EBF
Control System Cameron Direct Hydraulic
Riser Vetco / MR-6C
Riser Tensioners 10 x Brown Brothers  80k
Choke & Kill Manifold Cameron  3 1/8” – 15K
Diverter GE Vetco – KFDS – CSO – 49 ½”
Machinery/Hoisting/Station Keeping Equipment
Main Power 4 x Bergen KVGB 12 diesel engines
Emergency Power HEDEMORA/V6B-12
DP System N/A
Thrusters 2 x Lawrence Scott, E126BO1\4
Mooring system 8 x 3” K4 anchor chains average length 1500mtrs
Deck Cranes 3 x National OS435
Riser Crane N/A
BOP Handling  Normar BOP Transporter