The Stena Don is a harsh environment dynamically positioned Class 3 semi submersible drilling, completion and workover vessel for worldwide operations. The Stena Don has a capability for a water depth up to 1640ft using a 18 ¾” – 15,000psi WP ‘TL’ Cameron BOP and Cameron 21” LK 2.0 riser.

General Information

Rig Type Semi Submersible
Design Twin Pontoon, 6 Columns CS30
Construction Yard Kvaerner Warnow Werft Shipyard, Germany
Year Delivered 2001 Upgraded VDL 2010
Classification DNV: +1A1, Column Stabilized Drilling unit, DRILL (N), Structure (N), E0, DYNPOS AUTRO, CRANE, HELDK
Flag Marshall Islands
Station Keeping Kongsberg Simrad SDP 21
Max Water Depth 500 m
Max Drilling Depth 8473 m
Helideck Capacity Sikorsky S-92 / Super Puma
Shale Shakers 5 x Axiom AX-1
Accommodation 120 persons

Dimensions/ Loading

Length 72.25m
Breadth 67 m
Moonpool 7 x 21.5 m
Operating Draft 21.5 m
Transit Draft 12 m
VDL (Operating) 5,100 mt

Drilling Equipment

Mast/Derrick Hydralift 750/36
Hoist/Drawworks Hydralift Hydraulic Lift System 680Mt
Motion Compensator Hydralift 680Mt locked
317Mt open
Top Drive Hydralift HPS 750 2E AC (TD)
Pipe Handling Hydralift – Hydra Racker III
Offline Stand Build N/A
Mud Pumps 3 x Continental Emsco FC-2200
Shale Shakers 5 x Axiom AX-1

Well Control Equipment

BOP Cameron 18.” 15,000 psi WP ‘TL’
LMRP 1 x CIW DL Annular 10K 18 ¾ “
Wellhead Connector Vetco H4 ExF
Control System Cameron MUX system
Riser Cameron 21” LK 2.0 / RF
Riser Tensioners 8 x 160 kips Stroke -15.24m Hydralift
Choke & Kill Manifold Cameron 3 1/16” API - 15.000 psi
Diverter GE Vetco – KFDS – CSO – 60 ½”


Liquid Mud Active - 630m³
Reserve – 396m³
Drill Water 903.5 m³
Potable Water 520 m³
Fuel Oil 2800 m³
Bulk Cmt 236.5 m³
Base Mud 236.5 m³
Brine 640 m³
Sack Material 2000 Sacks

Machinery/ Hoisting/ Station Keeping Equipment

Main Power 9 x Wartsila 16V25
Generator Rated Output: 4375kVA
Emergency Power Integrated in main power
DP System Kongsberg Simrad SDP 21
Thrusters 6 x Rolls Royce UUC5001
Mooring system N/A on DP rig
Deck Cranes Hydralift Knuckle Boom OKMCVC 4000
Riser Crane N/A
BOP Handling 320Mt Hydralift BOP trolley.
320Mt BOP Overhead Crane.

Fleet Availability

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