2017 was another successful year in the overall QHSE performance for Stena Drilling.

Your commitment to strive for high QHSE excellence and set new standards continues to be a major factor in this success. 2018 will again bring new challenges but we must continue to set high expectations and work together to ensure our targets become reality and not just aspirations.

We will continue to focus on effective and positive leadership and full compliance with our Management System.

Erik RonsbergManaging Director



  • Sustenability
  • Resource Efficiency
  • E-Environmental training


  • Competence based safety performance
  • Harm based risk assessments
  • Transition to online learning


  • Reduce Bureaucracy
  • Maintain integrity of our vessels
  • Improve efficiency through digitisation


  • Employee well being
  • Work place monitoring
  • Healthy working lives

First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL)

Stena Drilling are a registered member of FPAL Verify, the Oil & Gas Supplier Verification Scheme. Certification requires Stena Drilling to be independently appraised by FPAL. Stena Drilling achieved the following Verified Advanced Registration “Capability”.

Category Score
Quality 8.5
Safety 9.0
Environmental 8.4
Training 8.7


Stena Drilling's Management System is an electronic intranet based system which uses the latest technology designed to give employees and clients easy access to all policies, procedures and processes. The Stena Drilling Management System:

  • Promotes the Stena Care, Innovation & Performance Values;
  • Improves Health, Safety, & Environmental performance
  • Enhances Business processes and productivity

The Benefits of an Electronic Intranet based System;

  • Provides integration and linking of key documents
  • Procedures are available uploaded and accessed quicker by the rig/vessels
  • Creates innovation and involvement from the employees
  • Promotes procedural and knowledge transfer between other rigs/vessels


Barge Engineer

Location: Offshore, Closing Date: May 2018

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Rig Manager

Location: Offshore, Closing Date: May 2018

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