Safety Officer 1

LOCATION: Offshore

SALARY: Competitive

CLOSING DATE: 31/01/2022

At Stena Drilling we operate our business with a focus on our core values of Care, Innovation and Performance. With a worldwide operational presence, we are one of the world’s foremost independent drilling contractors leading the way in offshore innovation and realise the importance of our world-class employees in the successful delivery of our safe, innovative, and efficient operations.

We currently have an exciting opportunity for a Safety Officer 1 to join our Offshore Team on a permanent basis.

Some of the duties and responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

Spending at least 50% of their time coaching and monitoring personnel, the role of the Safety officer is as follows;

  • To provide appropriate training in the Company’s HSE Policies, Procedures and Safe Working practices, for all personnel onboard.
  • To monitor ongoing operations at the worksite in order to confirm that tasks are being carried out in compliance with the Company’s HSE Policies, Procedures, and Safe Working practices.
  • To promote the Company’s Safe Behaviour Programme through coaching, and the continuous development and roll out of campaign material.
  • Supporting and advising the Master / OIM, Department Heads, and Supervisors on Health, Safety and Environmental matters.
  • Comply with Stena Drilling procedures for management of risk; ensuring that a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment and Toolbox Talk associated with key operations is carried out for all work activities. Ensuring that onboard Risk Assessments and Lifting Assessment Plans are properly controlled and maintained within the SMS, and that they are systematically reviewed and updated as necessary, in accordance with Company requirements.
  • Monitoring the quality of Risk Assessments and Lifting Plans and reporting any deficiencies to the Master / OIM.
  • Ensure that storage, handling and use of chemicals are done in accordance with procedures.
  • Continuous monitoring of the Control of Work systems. This involves performing three (3) PTW checks per week and audits at a frequency stated in the PTW (L2-DOC-HSE-221) & Isolation (L2-DOC-HSE-2324) guidance.
  • Monitoring the vessel Observation Card Register and expediting close out of Open Observation Cards.
  • Administration and analysis of Observation card data to identify potential trends, reporting such trends, and identifying appropriate corrective measures in consultation with the onboard management team.
  • Participating in Accident/Incident Investigations:
  • Taking Witness Statements
  • Collating evidence
  • Drafting Investigation Reports
  • Ensuring that all Incident Notifications and associated reports/documentation are logged/filed in Synergi in a timely manner.
  • Monitoring and expediting close out of Synergi actions.
  • Carrying out Safety Inductions for all personnel new to the vessel.
  • Maintaining the Onboard Training Matrix records, identifying who has been trained, and when.
  • Reviewing the scope of the Onboard Training Matrix periodically to ensure it remains suitable.
  • Environmental / ISO 14001 focal point onboard.
  • Ensure familiar with correct use, type and location of all Oil Spill Equipment.
  • Regular review of the vessel House Rules based on the findings from inspections, Observation tours, and other forms of monitoring.
  • Development and implementation of an Area Inspection Plan which ensures that all areas onboard are checked on a quarterly basis.
  • Ensure work site is safe and that all tools used are in a satisfactory condition.
  • Development, analysis, and reporting of HSE performance data.
  • Preparation of routine reports including:
  • End of trip Safety Report
  • Annual Safety Report
  • Comply with the Management of Change Principle.
  • Participation in the daily morning meeting and pre-tour meeting, and in the weekly safety meeting.
  • Responsible and accountable for the safety of the personnel working under their direction and shall be expected to conduct operations at all times in full compliance with company procedures (SMS).
  • Allocate tasks to Safety Officer 3 and provide adequate supervision in order to ensure that all such tasks are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Monitoring the status of Safety Alerts issued to the vessel and expediting close out of any associated actions.
  • Identify and address any violations of procedures concerning personnel under their direction.
  • Continuous or repeated violations of policies or procedures should be highlighted and brought to the attention of the Head of Department/Master-OIM.

Suitable applicants should ideally have:

  • NEBOSH Diploma or equivalent
  • Previous experience as a Safety Officer offshore
  • Good communication skills
  • Good Presentation Skills
  • Previous experience on similar vessel

To allow us to review suitability accurately, applicants are encouraged to detail the specific units and types that they have experience working on, on their CV.

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