Stena Sphere

The Stena Sphere consists of three wholly-owned parent companies, Stena AB, Stena Metall AB and Stena Sessan AB. Together they make up one of Sweden’s biggest family-owned group of companies with businesses worldwide.

The Sphere’s primary focus lies on ferry routes, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance, recycling, environmental services and trading. 

Stena AB

Stena AB is the parent company of the following subsidiaries:

Stena Line is an international freight and travel service company, connecting europe on 22 routes through its fleet of 30+ Ferries, RoRo and RoPax vessels.

Stena Bulk is a leading international tanker shipping company operating a fleet of around 100 crude and product tankers as well and LNG carries..

Northern Marine Management is a leading Ship Management company with offices world-wide that handles the crewing and technical management for both internal and external customers.

Stena RoRo’s fleet consists of RoRo and RoPax vessels, which are chartered to customers worldwide. Stena RoRo has a high technical knowledge for converting and upgarding existing ships to customer needs.

Stena Teknik is a common resource for all maritime business areas within Stena. Activities consist of newbuilding and conversion projects, general marine technical advice and procurement.

Stena Property, owns a total of 2.1 million sqm of property in Sweden (Stena Fastigheter) and internationally (Stena Reality). The majority is residential property in Sweden, but also 630,000 sqm of commercial property.

Stena Finance is responsible for capital procurement in both the short and long term. This includes the Group’s liquidity management, risk handling, responsibility for financial monitoring and financial reporting.

Stena Adactum is investing over the long term in non-related companies where Stena can take an active ownership role and contribute to long term financial strength.

Stena Metall AB

Stena Metall AB is a leading recycling and environmental services group. The Stena Metall Group recycles, processes and refines a growing number of waste products including metals, paper and electronic equipment. The group also runs international trading activities in steel, metals and bunker oil. It is the oldest part of the Stena Sphere having been founded in 1939.

Stena Sessan AB

The competitor Sessanlinjen was purchased by Stena in 1980. This concluded severe competition for ferry transportation existing in the Kattegat between Sessan Line and Stena Line resulting in the two companies merging. Stena Sessan retains it’s involvement in the ferry traffic today whilst also having a strong involvement in tanker shipping, through its stake in Concordia Maritime.

Concordia Maritime is an international tanker shipping company that develops, builds, mans and charter ships for customers with high demands on transport economy, flexibility and security. The focus is on cost effective and safe transportation of refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

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