Stena is a family-owned company with business activities worldwide. Working with us makes you part of our big family.

Stena Drilling is committed to treating all employees fairly and responsibly whilst respecting their individual differences and supporting them towards the career goals they have set themselves.

Our aim is to not only attract but retain the very best employees, those who excel in their fields of practice. If you are an experienced individual with previous drilling exposure and feel you can contribute to Stena Drilling’s growing success, then we would like to hear from you! We recruit for Drilling, Marine, Engineering, Subsea and Safety Personnel at all levels.


Stena Drilling are aware of criminal activity whereby unauthorised persons are using Stena Drilling’s name and identity to attract potential job-seekers for employment by advertising fraudulent job offers.

This sort of illegal activity is widespread with numerous companies being targeted around the world, including Stena Drilling. It is believed that in some cases potential job seekers are being contacted directly, by phone and/or e-mail. In other instances, fictitious websites are being used to attract unsuspecting job seekers. These criminals promise high-paying jobs in return for the job seeker being persuaded to send money to pay for fictitious expenses such as visa applications and/or processing fees. They often request that personal banking information to be sent by the applicant on a return e-mail. You may also receive emails or text messages requesting your personal information. Do not click on any links / document links or provide any of your online banking or telephone banking security details.

Please be advised that “” is the only email address used by Stena Drilling. Any other email addresses claiming to be from Stena Drilling are most likely fraudulent. Stena Drilling will never ask potential job-seekers for any form of advance payment as part of the recruitment or hiring process and banking details will never be randomly requested by email. Should you be made a job offer in circumstances as described above, you should report the matter to the Police.

Stena cannot be held responsible in any way for the above described illegal activities being carried out by criminal individuals and syndicates.

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