Stena Drillings Management System is an electronic intranet based system which uses the latest technology designed to give employees and clients easy access to all policies, procedures and processes. The Stena Drilling Management System

  • Promotes the Stena Care, Innovation & Performance Values;
  • Improves Health, Safety, & Environmental performance
  • Enhances Business processes and productivity

The Benefits of an Electronic Intranet based System;

  • Provides integration and linking of key documents
  • Procedures are available uploaded and accessed quicker by the rig/vessels
  • Creates innovation and involvement from the employees
  • Promotes procedural and knowledge transfer between other rigs/vessels

Vessel Safety Cases

Whilst, a Vessel Safety Case is not mandatory for all countries where Stena Drilling operate it is however a Stena Drilling principal to prepare and maintain Vessel Safety Case, as Standard, for all of their Vessels regardless of the country or region of operations. All of the Vessel Safety Cases are prepared in line with UK Safety Case Regulations & International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Guidelines