At Stena Drilling we are CARE driven, with a CARE culture that is at the heart of what we do. Working safely and looking after the resources and our environment is paramount to us. We believe our strong CARE values set us apart when planning and performing our operations, and are key to ensuring our performance is constantly recognised by our employees, clients and industry peers.

Our CARE values are to:

  • Care for Ourselves
  • Care for Our Colleagues
  • Care for Our Clients
  • Care for Our Environment
  • Care for Our Resources
  • Care for Our Future Generations
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To care for ourselves, colleagues and clients means we will not compromise our safety or our welfare.
We believe that working together in accordance with our CARE values will provide a safe, healthy and incident-free working environment for all. To achieve our objectives we will:

  • Not harm people or the environment while carrying out our business
  • Seek to eliminate all Procedure and House Rule violations
  • Use the 'Perfect Day' as our road map to zero accidents & incidents
  • Never surprise each other with bad news when there is no time to adjust
  • Strive to be the perfect partner and be recognised for our professionalism
  • Develop a safety culture that strives above all for excellence


Our value drivers are Safety First and Eco-Efficiency. We deliver value by supplementing our outstanding safety record whilst also providing solutions to utilise new technologies which will lead to a reduction in energy usage and emissions.

The Evolve programme has pioneered new technologies which increase our safety whilst also reducing our carbon footprint.

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Safety First

  • Digital Safety Observation System
  • Loose Lifting Equipment Management
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  • Enabled the ability to track, monitor and manage emissions fleet-wide
  • Created bespoke reports & dashboards to advise on opportunities where emissions can be reduced
  • Reduction in emissions across the fleet

Stena Drilling is committed to caring for the environment and therefore conducts business and operations in an environmentally responsible and transparent manner.

Our environmental policy defines the standard expected of all our operations both offshore on the vessels, and onshore within our support bases.



To be a sustainable company we must look at the financial, social and environmental aspects of the organisation and decide where to prioritise resources. At Stena Drilling we work on stakeholder analysis, impact analysis, risk assessments and materiality matrices with the aim of developing strategic sustainability objectives.

These objectives will support us now and in the longer term, helping to ensure we fully utilise resources to care for future generations.

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