The application of Surface BOP Technology (Surface Blowout Preventer) is a well-proven method of extending the water depth operating capacity of a floating mobile offshore drilling unit.

Stena Drilling has successfully completed SBOP campaigns in Brazil, Malaysia, Egypt, Gabon & Equatorial Guinea on moored & DP semi-submersible units along with a DP drillship and can offer clients a range of solutions in support of their SBOP campaigns.

Stena Drilling owns a complete SBOP System which includes a Subsea Shut-off Assembly (SSA), a disconnect package used to isolate the wellbore and disconnect the casing riser at the seabed.

Drillship drilling parts


Stena SBOP System, 2008

SBOP package leased out to Ophir Energy and deployed on Deep Venture Drill Ship operated by Larsen Oil & Gas. 1 well in Gabon & 3 wells in Equatorial Guinea, in 4,700ft to 5,640ft WD

  • FIRST SBOP well to be drilled from a DP Drill Ship
  • FIRST Well hop with an SBOP system
  • RISERLESS drilling on last well with SSA

Stena Tay, 2004

Three wells for Shell, Egypt in up to 8,032ft WD

  • FIRST unlatch of Subsea Shut-Off Assembly

Stena Tay, 2003

Several major milestones for the technology were set when drilling the BMC 10 well in 9,472ft WD, for Shell Brazil:

  • FIRST SBOP well to be drilled from a DP rig
  • FIRST SBOP well drilled outside South East Asia
  • DEEPEST water depth ever drilled in Brazil
  • DEEPEST water depth for an SBOP well

Stena Clyde, 2001

Drilled two wells for Shell, Malaysia in 2,988ft and 4,486ft WD

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