We are committed to performance, delivering world-class drilling operations to our clients always in the safest and most efficient manner.

Future Enablement

Smarter operations are a key focus for us. To that end, we use Kongsberg’s KognifAI system to aid us in real-time data visualisation. The KognifAI system allows us to livestream data onshore directly from our fleet. The data is available for all to carry out KPI analysis, condition-based monitoring and failure analysis. The real-time data provided by this system forms the foundation of our Dynamic Digital Twin for each of our vessels. Currently, KognifAI allows us to visualise data from over 1,300 sensors anywhere in the world, enabling our team to conduct in-depth analysis of each unit's performance and identify any areas of improvement.

Drilling Performance Monitoring - To better understand our drilling performance, we monitor how our equipment performs specific activities (known as rig states). We recognise the need to monitor our performance closely and have a fleet-wide performance monitoring solution. This technology will allow us to automate existing manual tasks whilst providing high-quality data which will be used to drive performance.

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Increased Productive Time

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The Blowout Preventer (BOP) is one of the most important systems onboard our vessels, responsible for secondary well control and essential for vessel safety. One of our most recent goals is to enable BOP status and feedback to be available remotely for monitoring and analysis. This is not only a regulatory requirement for Gulf of Mexico operations but for many of our clients all over the world.. Our real-time BOP monitoring system enables us to better monitor the condition of the BOP, allowing us to improve both operation and maintenance activities as well as assisting in failure analysis and fault-finding. Remote monitoring also provides improved KPI analysis and condition-based monitoring and maintenance.

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Our value drivers are Future Enablement and Increased Productive Time. We focus on increasing the productive time of our assets, by supporting the development of systems enabling the delivery of current and future value to the business.

The Evolve programme has introduced new technologies which increase our productive time whilst also reducing enabling technology for the future of Stena Drilling.

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Increase Productive Time Initiatives

  • Drilling Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Common Reporting Platform
  • Onshore integrated real-time monitoring capability
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Future Enablement Initiatives

  • DrillPad – “Open Source solution”
  • Rig connectivity strategy
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Stena Wells is the only company to offer a fully managed service for Well Construction and Decommissioning for the UK Continental Shelf.

Joining one of the world’s foremost independent drilling contractors with a world class engineering and execution team.

Stene Wells

Strategic Partner of Choice

Created to deliver complex well delivery and decommissioning scopes on behalf of our clients Stena Wells benefits from industry leading experience, capability and competence and aims to be your strategic partner of choice.

If you’re looking for safe, cost-effective, and predictable outcomes, then Stena Wells delivers!

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Our clients will choose Stena Wells to deliver their operations in part because of the Stena Drilling reputation – a top tier drilling contractor with international operations. Stena Drilling provide the best crews and equipment for Well Construction and Well Decommissioning.

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