The Stena Spey is a Friede & Goldman L907 (enhanced Pacesetter) twin pontoon, column stabilised self propelled, semi submersible offshore drilling unit. The Stena Spey has a SBOP capability for a water depth of 5,000ft using 18 ¾” – 15,000psi Hydril BOP and Vetco MR-6C riser.

General Information

Rig TypeSemi Submersible
DesignEnhanced Pacesetter
Construction YardDaewoo, Korea Friede & Goldman L-907
Year Delivered1983
ClassificationDNV Class +1A1 Column Stabilised Drilling Unit
Station KeepingAnchored: 12T Bruce MK4, HHP anchors
Max Water Depth457m
Max Drilling Depth7620m
HelideckDesigned for EC225, S92 & S61
Accommodation120 persons

Dimensions/ Loading

Moonpool83' 4" x 20' 8"
Operating Draft65ft
Transit Draft24.9ft
VDL (Operating)3340Mt

Drilling Equipment

Mast/DerrickNorMar – 700 tonnes
Hoist/DrawworksNational/1625 DE
Motion CompensatorBrown Brothers, Stroke 20ft 600,000 lbs
Top DriveMaritime Hydraulics 650 tons
Pipe HandlingMaritime Hydraulics Bridge Racking Crane
Offline Stand BuildN/A
Mud Pumps3 x National 12-P-160
Shale Shakers4 x Brandt – VSM 300

Well Control Equipment

BOPHydril 18 ¾ ” 15,000 psi WP H2S
LMRP1 x Hydril Annular 5K 18 ¾ “
Wellhead Connector1 x 18 ¾ GE Vetco 15K EBF
Control SystemCameron Direct Hydraulic
RiserVetco / MR-6C
Riser Tensioners10 x Brown Brothers 80k
Choke & Kill ManifoldCameron 3 1/8” – 15K
DiverterGE Vetco – KFDS – CSO – 49 ½”


Liquid Mud2148bbls
Drill Water10, 472bbls
Potable Water 2113 bbls
Fuel Oil10,330 bbls
Bulk Mud/Bent7440/3662 ft³
Bulk Cmt8782 m³
Base Oil1824 bbls
Brine2924 bbls
Sack Material2000 Sacks

Machinery/ Hoisting/ Station Keeping Equipment

Main Power4 x Bergen KVGB 12 diesel engines
Generator Rated Output: 2750kVA
Emergency PowerHEDEMORA/V6B-12
Generator Rated Output: 813kVA
DP SystemN/A
Thrusters2 x Lawrence Scott, E126BO1\4
Mooring system8 x 3” K4 anchor chains average length 1500mtrs
Deck Cranes2 x NOV National OS435 1 x NOV OC3500LE
Riser CraneN/A
BOP Handling1 x NorMar BOP Transporter