Stena Drilling’s 4th MPD system

Stena Drilling are pleased to confirm that a 4th #MPD system has now been ordered for the Stena Forth with delivery expected in Q3/4 2021. The purchase of this additional Managed Pressure Drilling system means that the Stena Forth will join the Stena Carron, Stena DrillMAX and Stena IceMAX as being MPD Operational

Purchase and install of this additional system means that 100% of Stena Drilling’s drillship fleet will be fully MPD capable, and further demonstrates the Stena Drilling’s commitment to this innovative and exciting technology. With ten MPD wells drilled since 2016 and a further ten planned for this year alone, Stena Drilling are fast becoming the MPD Drilling Contractor of choice for many of our valued clients.

To learn more about Stena Drilling’s MPD solution, visit the following link and watch our video on Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

#Innovation #MPD

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