Stena DrillMAX becomes first drillship to be awarded DNV’s Abate (P) notation.

Stena Drilling is pleased to announce that Stena DrillMAX, is the first drillship to be awarded DNV’s Abate(P) notation. Stena Drilling has implemented several technical and operational measures to enable Stena DrillMAX to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The DNV (P) notation is a natural progression after Stena Drilling received ISO50001 energy management system certification

Stena DrillMAX is the first of the DrillMAX series vessels and is a harsh environment dynamically positioned DP Class 3 drillship capable of drilling in water depths up to 10,000ft.

To assist this industry’s energy transition Stena Drilling collaborated with DNV to develop a class rule for greenhouse gas abatement reflecting industry best practice for emission reduction. The oil and gas industry has acknowledged the ambitions in the Paris Agreement and the oil companies and owners of offshore units are setting net zero goals. The Abate notation is one step on this journey and provides recognition to Units meeting these goals.

DNV’s Abate(P) class notation represents not only ambitious emission reduction targets but also a comprehensive energy and emission management system aligned with ISO 50001 standards. It emphasizes rigorous monitoring of energy consumption and the implementation of both operational and technical measures to notably reduce emissions.

Andrew Calderwood, Energy Performance Superintendent for Stena Drilling commented that it is due to the effort of the crew, rig management, and the team in the Aberdeen office and the continued support from our client that this became a reality.


‘Following on from the success of achieving ISO50001 for all our vessels and headquarters, I am delighted that we have played a part in not only developing but achieving this outstanding notation’.

Erik Rønsberg, CEO, Stena Drilling

“We are delighted to award Stena Drilling with our Abate(P) notation. This Abate(P) class notation was introduced to support the offshore industry’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aligning with the targets of the Paris Agreement.  By verifying compliance with the Abate requirements DNV states that the drilling unit complies with current best industry practice for greenhouse gas abatement”.

Torgeir Sterri, Director of Offshore Class, DNV

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