Stena Drilling's Core Business Values Are Focused On


  • We care about being our clients' first choice and delivering safe and efficient operations
  • We care about the environment and safeguarding our assets through environmental programmes
  • We care about our people and apply the "golden rule" of doing to others what you expect others to do to you; and to show our respect for people, capital and the world around us
  • We care and pride ourselves on achieving and maintaining positive working relationships with our clients and ultimately retaining our reputation within the industry
  • We innovate and continually strive to develop, maintain and maximise our systems to provide our clients with a high-quality service
  • We innovate to achieve and maintain best-in-class contractor status
  • We innovate by supporting and empowering our employees to ‘Think outside the box’ and to make decisions and improvements
  • We innovate through the provision of more effective products, processes, services, technologies and business models



  • We perform, and by communicating in a transparent way, we can address any issues in order to achieve objectives efficiently and on time
  • We perform and excel by continuously satisfying the expectations of our clients, employees and suppliers, as well as those of society
  • We perform by continuously assessing and measuring how successful we are in reaching the goals we have set
  • We perform by adhering to our policies and procedures in order to ensure safe operations, reduced downtime and performance targets are met
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